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Relief and Educational Assistance (REA) Project for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.

Established in 2011 by a group of dedicated volunteers, REA is being implemented under the umbrella of the Social Support Society (SSS) to provide relief and a variety of educational services to Syrian refugees in the Beqaa valley region, which is currently inhabited by the neediest group of Syrian refugees to arrive into Lebanon over the past four years from adjacent Syrian towns and villages.

The REA project initially provided food, clothing and bedding items, then expanded to include educational services in 2012. Using premises loaned by al Maqased Foundation and one public school in the Beqaa region they provide schooling and transportation for a total of 1,300 primary, intermediate and secondary school students in MajdalAnjar and Bar Elias.
Teacher training in selected disciplines and a range of extra-curricular activities, including painting, musical and theatrical performances have also been undertaken within this project.

Additionally, bi-monthly relief assistance is provided to families of children enrolled at the schools.
Since 2013, REA has also managed to secure tuition fees and other assistance allowing 25 Syrian students to pursue their university education in Lebanon.

REA future plans include:
- opening two additional schools in response to established demands;
- expanding teachers’ training to cover all disciplines;
- introducing laptops and tablets with interactive material for various stages and groups of students;
- providing all students enrolled at the REA-sponsored schools with at least one healthy meal per day.

REA is currently managed by MsNimatBizri and MsSalwa Al Jabri.

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Active Aging House Borj Al Barajneh

Established in 2005, the AAH in Borj al Borajny helps to strengthen the social support of the elderly. The AAH-Borj provides awareness sessions for the elderly to improve their quality of life through discussions with volunteer doctors and sociologists on topics such as, diabetes, high blood pressure, and healthy eating. Our team also teaches the elderly how to stay involved within the “active-life” of the community. The elderly at our center engage in various outings and visits, and invite others to interact with them at their center, such as folk dance groups or children from various centers. The elderly at AAH-Borj host Ramadan dinners, and also cook various traditional Palestinian treats and dishes on site. AAH-Borj celebrates Mother’s Day and GrandMother’s Day with the elderly, along with many other holidays and observances. Opportunities are also provided for the elderly - many of them the “48ers” - to pass on their stories to the next generation. The AAH-Borj is headed by Nawal Al Jamal and Houda Misilmani.

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Active Aging House Nahr el Bared

The Active Aging House in Nahr el Bared was established in 2008. Headed by Therese Dawoud and Samar Shaaban, the AAH-Bared offers the same programming as does the lead AAH center in Borj Al Borajny. Though just newly opened, AAH-Bared already has a regular flow of activities that have recently included a recycling project, slide-show films, and a trip to downtown Beirut with the elderly from the AAH-Borj. Both centers cooperate closely with the Women’s Program Centers in Bourj el Barajneh and Nahr el Bared , working closely with Rowaida Al Daher and Manal Hammed.

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El Rahelet

El Rahelet, Arabic for “The Outings,” is an initiative designed to take groups of 20 children, ages 8-10, out of the camps on a regular basis, while providing opportunities for local community members and businesses to learn more about, and connect with, underprivileged Palestinian refugee children. This project provides the children with a lot of “first times” such as horse-back riding, bowling, and going to the cinema. In 2009 the Social Support Society has since absorbed El Rahelet, finances it, and helps in administration and operation. To find out more, go to http://the-outings.blogspot.com

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Unite Lebanon Youth Project - ULYP

Unite Lebanon Youth Project is President of SSS, Melek Nimer’s latest venture. ULYP provides empowerment and character education programs to various disadvantaged youth populations in Lebanon. SSS will link its two AAH programs in with ULYP where the elderly can go on outings, prepare jams, and interact with children on the large, breathtaking campus 17 kilometers south of Beirut. To find out more, go to www.unitelebanonyouth.org

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